Non destructive repairs of varnish with our RDS method

A leak in the floor, wall or outside can be easily repaired without damaging the material. Little leaks are very hard to detect, but with our RDS method even the smallest and multiple leaks can be repaired without removing one tile.

How it works:

Detection of the pipe with pressure or liquid insertions. The details will be handed over to the client. The leaking part will be separated from the rest of the pipe works and emptied.
After that a substance will be filled into the pipe to mingle into the circular flow to seal the leak. A mineral crust builds up on the outside of the pipe to seal the leak permanently.
We developed this method ourselves to guarantee the supervision and regulation of the parameters, such as pressure, temperature and pH-indication.
After the sealing we drain the pipe and check the seal again (with documentation and parameters). Only if the sealing can be proved, we will issue an invoice.
Non destructive repairs of varnish with our RDS method