Electric-acoustic detection

Electromagnetic waves are being sent to the damaged pipe. With the help of a search reel the waves are being detected and the pathway and depth of the pipe can be determined Detection of non-metallic pipes
Detection of non-metallic pipes

Transmitter and search reel for determination of the pathways.

Due to highly developed electromagnetic frequency technology we can use this method in different situations.

Transmitting method:
A transmitter (also called newt) is being inserted into the non-metallic pipe to send electromagnetic waves (signals) and its position located by its receiver.
Spiral Method:
A steel spiral (or a hose with steel insertion) is being inserted into the non-metallic pipe and electromagnetic signals are being sent to it. With this method the pipe way can be detected with the receiver.
Metal pipe method:
The continuous metal pipe is being linked directly with the sound frequency generator and acts as a transmitter itself. Like this it can be tracked directly. (Besides, this method can also be used in metallic water and heating pipes)