Sealing Grafting Preservation

TUBOCOTROL revolutionary rescue methods with little expense

-Mould stains
-Treatment of mould
-Draining of basements
-Rescue of Underground car parks
-Mould smell
-Rescue of balconies
-Engineering buildings
-Pool rescue
Sealing  Grafting  Preservation

Sealing  Grafting  Preservation
Used on alkaline-based materials, e.g. concrete, stone floors, sand stone and wood

Used on all non alkaline-based materials, e.g. roof tiles, plaster, stoneware and cal

For all sorts of water damage, wet walls and their aftermaths.

In general:
Due to capillary attraction, water can crawl upwards into the walls till there is a balance between both forces (capillary attraction and gravity).
The more density of the material has got, the higher the capillary attraction because of less possibility to evaporate.
One of the reasons for the rising water can be a missing or faulty horizontal isolation. Another reason for wet walls can be side water. Usually the ground water level is higher or the building being built on a hillside and water can penetrate into the walls.